Food, glorious food

So, I’ll be upfront. I am not an accomplished or gourmet chef by any stretch of the imagination. You won’t see me whipping up fancy meals on Masterchef, or talking about ‘food dreams’ to open a roadside cafe or develop my own range of spices or boutique beer.

My ‘food dream’, if you can call it that,  is simple. To make easy and delicious meals that are appealing to look at, that use as few dishes as possible and that my big girl will eat without too much fuss. Dinner related squabbles hinder my chances of having children fed, bathed and tucked in before The Bachelor starts! No good!

The recipes I share on my blog are easy and have been tried and tasted by me. While most are family friendly meals, some are better suited for adults or older kids, as sometimes you just need a flavourful meal where the components of the dish are allowed to touch each other – tell me this is just a phase!?! In any case, the recipes I share are ones that I have enjoyed, and I hope that the Cold Coffee Club becomes a regular go-to for you when you are looking for something easy and delicious to make.

Tamlyn x x x



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