Butterfly toasties

My little girl was feeling a bit poorly this week with a high fever and a bit of a sore throat. Fortunately, she seems to have gotten better just as quick as the fever came on, and is back to her crazy self – the way I like it best.

While she was feeling a bit unwell, she didn’t have much of an appetite, so I decided to get a little bit creative with a toasted ham and cheese. Thank you Creative Kid Snacks for the super cute idea. I made this butterfly with round flat breads, but you could also use pancakes or even normal bread cut into triangles.


2 x round flat breads
ham and cheese (or your choice of filling)
3-4 x grapes
small piece of rockmelon
2 x blueberries
strawberries for decoration (optional)


Toast your flatbread with filling inside as you would any toasted sandwich. Allow to cool.

Cut the toasted flatbread into ‘quarters’ making 2 of the quarters larger and 2 of the quarters smaller.

Cut grapes in half, and arrange them in a line to form the body of the butterfly.

Cut two small triangles out of rockmelon to make the antennas (you could use any fruit you have).

Add blueberries for eyes.

Arrange the toasted flatbreads to form the wings of the butterfly, with the two larger pieces going underneath the smaller pieces.

Arrange strawberries around the plate for some extra colour (again, you could use whatever fruit you have on hand).

ENJOY! (hopefully some peace and quiet while your little one eats their butterfly!)


Excuse the mdf benchtop! #renovations #industrialchic #codeforkitchenisamess


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