Monster Spray

So, we have been having a few issues with my big girl Evelyn – who has started waking at night, EVERY night. When we go in to find out what is the matter, she generally says she’s scared. The cause of her fear varies from monsters, to ghosts, to the dark, to most recently – mosquitos (!!) I hate mozzies too, Evie!

While it is obviously not nice to see my big girl distressed – and she does find it all very distressing – it is also really disruptive for us. Between settling Evelyn and getting up for night feeds for Grace, we are really getting very little sleep.

In my sleep deprived state earlier today, I remembered some “Monster Spray” which I had seen on Pinterest a few years ago. The idea behind the Monster Spray is that your little one can spray it around their room and in the usual hiding spots for monsters (i.e. under the bed, in the cupboards etc) before they go to bed and have some comfort knowing the monsters can’t get into their room.

At this stage, I am willing to give anything a go, no matter how gimmicky it may sound and as such, I spent a few minutes this afternoon cooking up a big ol’ batch of Monster Spray.

Reflecting back on my time in Year 12 Chemistry, I was sure that water had the highest monster repelling properties of all liquids, and that a handful of craft mixed sequins would speed up the activation process. (I’m sure my parents are so glad they sent me to private school…Did I mention I am seriously sleep deprived!?!)


It really was a matter of putting a handful of craft sequins into a spray bottle, filling it up with water and adding this cute printable which I also put together this afternoon.

You can download the printable here

Here is the finished product.


So, tonight is the night. We have already had a few practice sprays this afternoon but I have told her to limit them as it is very powerful 🙂 Fingers crossed the spray gives her some sense of control over the fears she is facing as part of this latest ‘phase’ (there is always something!!) and that I can finally get a little bit of sleep! Just a little!!

I will let you know how we go, and if you give this a crack also I would love to hear how you fare.

Gooooood luck and may the zzzz’s be with you!

Tam x x x



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