Peppermint crisp tart

The first time I ever had peppermint crisp tart I was on holiday in South Africa with my Mum. My Aunty made it for dessert on an evening where we’d been over for dinner, and as an 8 year old kid I remember thinking – WHAT.IS.THIS!?!!! It was so rich, and creamy and pepperminty it ticked every single one of my childhood boxes. And as I spent the remainder of the evening playing with my cousins, the fun enhanced by what could only be described as a caramel and peppermint induced sugar high – life was definitely good!

Twenty (plus) years later, this is a dessert I still really enjoy. It is definitely on the ‘sometimes’ list given it’s sweet, creamy, chocolatey characteristics but I really do always embrace it guilt free. I especially love making this dessert for people who have never had it before, as the WHAT.IS.THIS!?!!! reaction that is invariably received takes me back to me as an 8 year old kid. It is also so super quick to make – no melting, baking, whisking – it is all thrown together and popped in the fridge to set.

I’d have to say that this fridge tart could most aptly be described as the “Miss Congeniality” of the dessert pageant circuit. It is definitely more personality than looks, but as is always the case in life: beauty is in the eye of the holder and it is what is on the inside that counts. And what is on the inside in this case are layers of creamy, caramelly, biscuity goodness, speckled with shards of peppermint crisp and more than a pinch of happiness 😀


2 packets of plain biscuits (I used the Arnotts milk coffee ones)*
600ml of thickened cream
380g Nestle Top N Fill (tinned caramel)
4 x peppermint crisp chocolates

*Traditionally, the recipe calls for Tennis biscuits which are a coconut-ty biscuit from South Africa. These aren’t so readily available in Australia, but I find any of the plain biscuits from the Arnotts range works. I tend to buy the milk coffee ones as they are rectangular and easy to arrange in a square dish.



Place a layer of biscuits on the bottom of your baking dish.


Empty the tinned caramel into a bowl and then stir with a spatula until smooth.


In a separate bowl, whip the thickened cream until stiff peaks are formed, being careful not to over whip!

I did mine in my Thermomix as it is quicker, but you could just whip with an electric mixer – or even hand mixer – to stiffen up the cream.


Transfer 2/3 of the whipped cream into the bowl with the caramel, leaving the remaining 1/3 aside to put on top as the final layer. To the caramel and the cream, add 2.5 peppermint crisp chocolates, roughly chopped. Stir through to combine (I forgot to take a photo of this step – imagine caramel river with peppermint crisp pebbles!!)


Pour half of the mixture over the biscuits and spread evenly over the top.


Add another layer of biscuits on top of the caramel mixture.


Top with the remaining caramel mixture.


Top with the plain cream you set aside before. Not many recipes call for a plain cream layer on the top but i find it breaks through the super sweetness of the dessert.


Smooth cream over the top. Despite best efforts, the wonky landscape of random chocolate chunks and uneven biscuit layers means you won’t get the cream layer smooth. SO – grab a knife and joozsh it up like that’s how you meant it to look 🙂


Sprinkle with remaining 1.5 peppermint crisp chocolates chopped up, stand back and behold her in all her glory.


Cover with glad wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.

Serve chilled and ENJOY!


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