Toast-i-licious Toppings

Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. If I had the choice to go out for dinner or for breakfast, it would be breakfast hands down. Errry-time.

Unfortunately for me, breakfast is scheduled at the beginning of the day – precisely the same time that I am running around trying to get children fed and watered, and myself showered and dressed all before dropping Evelyn at kindy and getting Grace back home and down for her morning nap. It is the most rushed time of the day. So as much as I would love to be having some poached eggs and bacon, the reality is a quick piece of toast and some yoghurt or fruit is generally what is on the menu – on weekdays anyway.

When you think of a quick piece of toast for breakfast, most Australians will immediately think of vegemite, and good ol’ vegemite has fast become Evelyn’s toast accompaniment of choice. And while I am happy for her to embrace her Australian roots – rose in every cheek and all that – I am also keen to get her trying different foods and expanding her horizons (and taste buds) a little bit.

So over the last week or two I set about creating quick and easy alternative toast toppings that are bright and colourful, are super tasty, and most of all are quick to put together. Don’t get me wrong, Evie did not jump at all of these, there were some that she got stuck into, and there were a few that she outright turned her nose up at. But, regardless she definitely tried (and enjoyed) a few foods she otherwise would not have if we hadn’t ventured out from underneath her vegemite-y security blanket. I personally enjoyed all of them and loved the variety – party in my mouth!

Now, my immediate disclaimer is that there are a couple toppings here that do take a little longer to prepare and maybe you won’t have time to boil an egg or cook up some mushrooms while hustling children and rushing to make an 8:30am meeting at work. BUT – with a bit of pre-planning (i.e. buying the ingredients you will need),  the vast majority ARE super quick to prepare and should take no longer than your old faithful vegemite or peanut butter.

Listed below are 10 of the best toast toppings we tried over the last couple of weeks. I would love to hear if any of these jump out at you, or if there are any different toast toppings you have on a regular basis that you could suggest we try!

Alright! Here we go!

Cottage cheese, cherry tomato and basil

Spread toast with a thickish later of cottage cheese and top with cherry tomatoes (halved), basil leaves and cracked pepper.


Hazelnut spread and strawberries

Spread hazelnut spread on toast and top with sliced strawberries, toasted coconut and chopped pistachios.

Note – there are a number of organic hazelnut spreads that you can buy from some supermarkets and health food stores and while they are a bit more expensive than the commercial brands they have nearly half the amount of sugar. 


Beetroot and feta hummus with kale and feta

Spread the hummus on the toast, place the kale leaves on top and sprinkle over feta cheese. Dress with a squeeze of lemon juice and cracked pepper. ZING! The lemon on this is so good and look at the colour of that hummus!!


Vegemite and avocado

Spread vegemite on your toast. Top with sliced avocado, halved cherry tomatoes and cracked pepper.


Basil pesto, grilled mushrooms and feta

Spread your basil pesto on your toast. Cook mushrooms in a saucepan with a little bit of butter, some balsamic glaze and salt and pepper. Pop on top of the toast and crumble feta cheese on top.


Hazelnut spread, banana and toasted coconut

Spread the hazelnut spread on the toast and top with sliced banana and toasted coconut.


Ricotta, strawberries and mint

Spread the ricotta on your toast and top with sliced strawberries and finely shredded mint.


Ham, avocado and egg

Spread a chutney or pickle on your toast, top with a slice of ham, some sliced avocado, a boiled egg and some cracked pepper.


Simple bruschetta

Pop diced tomato and onion on top of your toast and top with crumbled feta, basil and cracked pepper.


Peanut butter and banana

Spread peanut butter on toast, and top with sliced banana, toast coconut, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey.


So there you have it, 10 super quick toast topping options that might have your trusty vegemite spread on rotation, rather than every morning!

Which one of these would you be most eager to try? Tam x x x



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