It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I absolutely LOVE Christmas! For me it comes just at the right time of the year – the end! I can’t remember a time in recent years where I have not been weary and exhausted come late September / October and it is just when I am ready to officially write-off *20XX* that the sun starts shining and the Christmas decorations start twinkling. There is very little that I feel is beyond me when I am being dazzled by shiny Christmas decorations and serenaded by the sweet, sweet sounds of Michael Buble! 😄

In my late teens / early adulthood, the magic of Christmas had well and truly faded. While I still LOVED the Christmas period and the time I could spend with my family and friends in the gorgeous Perth sunshine, the whole festive season came with the stress of negotiating crazy shopping centres, meeting MANY work related deadlines and attending more social events than was really feasible. It was not until I had my beautiful big girl Evelyn that my love for the real magic of Christmas was resurrected.

Sure, the first year was a bit of an anti-climax – she was petrified of Santa, she had no idea what to do with the presents put in front of her, she couldn’t eat the glorious Christmas food, and was more than a little glum on the big day given her sleep schedule had been tinkered with 🙄

But, from the next year, we really hit our Christmas strides and Evelyn now embraces every element that Christmas has to offer.

She LOVES Santa, loves all the baking and food, loves the extra time with family, loves the mysterious and crazy antics of her elf on the shelf Alfie (why did I ever start this!!??) and of course, she LOVES the haul of presents that she inevitably collects as we ‘Christmas-Cruise’ between family celebrations.

There is absolutely nothing better on Christmas morning than seeing her face in utter awe at the nibbled on carrot, the cookie crumbs and empty beer can (yes, our Santa drinks and sleigh-drives!) as she tries to process the fact that the big guy has been in HER house, eaten HER refreshments and dropped off all these presents. Absolute MAGIC.

I know the time we have with her fully embracing all of Christmas’ magic is so limited – so Rob and I really make the most of it. I just hope by the time Grace is old enough to ‘get’ Christmas, Evelyn is still as enthusiastic as she is now! 🙏

This is my first Christmas having started the Cold Coffee Club, and I am so excited to be able to share all the little things we do at Christmas to make it special. Most of my posts will be centred around yummy festive food (food blog and all that) but I will also share some of the other little crafts and traditions we have in our family which I hold on to dearly. And who can forget to mention the inevitable Christmas fails. I will be sure to share those too!


Tam x x x


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