Potato salad with zingy pickle sauce

So, after a 37 C day today in Perth, and a little one who decided against an afternoon nap, dinner had to be quick and easy! We had a few bits and bobs in the fridge that needed to be used up and it all came together as a gorgeous light barbecue with potato salad. I had not planned to share this potato salad recipe – as everyone has a potato salad recipe – but this was so, so delicious I just had to pass it on. The sauce is a perfect blend of salty, sweet and ‘zingy’ with the pickles and pickle juice – it literally tastes like a zooped up version of Big Mac sauce. Absolutely DIVINE! 😋😋

The inspiration for this salad comes from an episode of “Dinner at Tiffani’s” that I saw a little while ago on the Food Network. Remember Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell / Valerie Malone from 90210?!? Well, it turns out that Tiffani Thiessen has saved her best talent for last as she is actually an amazing home style cook! I just love watching her show and getting inspiration for all sorts of delicious home style meals. This potato salad was actually the first thing I saw her make and it must have stuck with me as it popped into my head when I went to make a salad dressing this afternoon. I have tweaked my recipe a bit to suit my taste, as well as what I had on hand, but you can find Tiffani’s original recipe here.


500grams potatoes, washed, unpeeled and cut into bite size chunks
1/2 cup whole egg mayonnaise
1 large pickle, finely diced
3 tablespoons of pickle juice
1 tablespoon yellow mustard (I used mild english mustard)
1 tsp coarse salt
1/2 tsp cracked black pepper
1/4 red onion, finely sliced
3 hard boiled eggs, peeled and sliced into small chunks
4 pieces of short bacon, sliced into 2cm strips
spring onions for garnish

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes
Servings: side salad for 4 people


Cook potatoes

Bring a pot of salted water to the boil. Add cut up potatoes and boil for about 1o minutes, or until cooked through. Drain, and transfer to salad bowl. Allow to cool.

Boil your eggs

Meanwhile hard boil your eggs. If you are unsure how long to cook your eggs for, there is a useful guide here which gives indicative timings, depending how you want your eggs. In this case, hard boiled is the best. A handy hint is to add vinegar to the water when you are boiling the eggs. For some reason, this makes them easier to peel as the shells come off in bigger pieces!

Cook the bacon

Fry your bacon until it is nice and crispy. Once it is cooked, set aside on paper towel until you are ready to assemble the salad.

Make the dressing

Add the mayonnaise, diced pickle, pickle juice, mustard, salt and pepper to a bowl and whisk to combine. Set aside.


Place potatoes, eggs, onion and bacon in a bowl.


Pour over the sauce and gently toss through. Garnish with cracked pepper and thinly sliced spring onions. And that is it!


This salad is a perfect accompaniment for a barbecue! Absolutely delicious! 😋😋😋



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