An ugly ensuite and some Kmart baskets

My ensuite is the last area of our house to be renovated, and in it’s present state it is UGGG-LY. Can I say FUGLY? I think I just did. It is the last remaining hangover from our home’s previous owner, who had a penchant for pinks, burgundies and maroons. It was seriously incorporated in every room – sooooo too much – even for someone who loves pink! The floor tiles in our ensuite bathroom are a deep burgundy, and while the wall tiles are an unoffending white – there is a burgundy ‘accent’ tile about two thirds of the way up which ties all the burgundy goodness together. 😩 There is a big square sink that sits on top of a speckled laminate cabinet and an old sliding door which regularly comes off the rails. Gah. I get irritated just writing about it!! An update is definitely on our ‘to-do’ list when time and money permits.

I think my attitude towards my ugly ensuite has flowed through to the organisation in my bathroom cupboards. Or complete lack thereof. When I think about the care I take in keeping my kitchen (which I love) organised and sorted, it is clear that there are some underlying tensions between me and “ol’ burgundy”.

I don’t claim to be someone that is super organised – I always have several hundred unopened emails in my inbox, and to-do lists on post-its floating around the house or somewhere in my head. But, as my life is becoming faster and busier every day, I am really starting to NEED more organisation in my life to stay calm and on top of everything that needs doing.

Using the bathroom as an example – having everything stashed in no particular order under the sink was seriously a source of daily irritation. It sounds very ‘first-world problems’ but I was always scrummaging for hair bobbles and brushes, searching for my deodorant and perfume or wondering where I might find a shower cap before my shower (yes, I use those!!🙊). I have such limited time to get ready in the morning – particularly with a 13 month old who is rising and shining at 5am for no particular reason at the moment – that knowing where to find what I need quickly and easily gets me in and out of my ugly bathroom so much faster, and in such a better mood.

SO, this week I decided it was time to get my cupboards sorted, even if a clean under sink cupboard became the only redeeming factor of the ensuite!

As so many home organisations projects do, I started ‘project clear out’ at Kmart, where I bought these fantastic plastic weave look baskets. These are so super handy to have for home organisation – I have them in my pantry cupboards and laundry cupboards already. They come in different sizes, all with lids, and in addition to white, come in grey, steel blue and mint. They are reasonably priced as well – $8 for the larger sizes and $5 for the small ones.


I put Grace down for a sleep and made my way into the bathroom. It was a bit of a “I don’t like you, and you don’t like me’ moment, as I opened my bathroom cupboards and evaluated what I was up against.

To give you some insight – THIS is what I was up against. Don’t judge!


Eeeew, right?!

I bought these awkward boxes from Howards Storage World ages ago, which never really served the purpose they were intended for, were different shapes and sizes and I never had a clear idea of what each box was supposed to hold. It was basically a repeat of shelf one, but with the piles of junk shoved in four awkward boxes.

So there was no other way of approaching the task other than to dive right in and rip everything out. I pulled everything out and sorted into piles – hair stuff, rob’s stuff, deodorants and perfumes, cleansers and lotions etc. AND a throw out pile! There was lots of products I knew I was never going to use – how many oatmeal body butters do you really need?! As well as blown out hair bobbles and bobby pins , tonnes of empty deodorant cans (ROB!!!) and other bits and bobs that just needed to go. Ahhh – nothing like a good old junk perge.

I wiped the benches down and then started arranging the baskets into the space available and putting things back in ways that made sense.

Half way through I had a ‘what have I started moment’…BUT the show must go on!


Once I really got into it, it really didn’t take too long. I reckon an hour start to finish. Here is how I split everything up.

  1. Rob’s stuff. Poor guy really doesn’t ask for much. Some razors, hair gel and a face wash and cream. I popped the razors in a small box inside a larger box and will be using the lid for this one. Although I like to think I have my eyes on the girls at all times – they are bloody quick – and I hate the thought of them cutting themselves on sharp razors – or giving themselves ‘special’ haircuts! 😱 Seen enough of those walking around the shops 😂
  2. Rob’s deodorants and colognes. Look how many cans of deodorants there are!! That is because I could never see what we had and would always buy cans when I did the groceries just incase. That’s another great thing about being organised – in addition to it looking clean and tidy and being accessible – it is really easy to see what you need and what you are stocked up on before you do your weekly shop.
  3. My deodorants, perfumes and face products. Fairly self explanatory – but obviously I use these every day, so was good to put these front and centre.
  4. My beauty box. All the things I need to beautify – makeup, nail polishes etc. Not an every day box for me these days, but good to have all the same things in one place. As part of my organisation I also pulled all my basic ‘every day’ make up items out of my big gold makeup bag and put in a small vanity bag alongside. I used to spend so much times scrummaging the deep dark depths of my Mary Poppins make up bag to find what I needed – so this way I can just grab that small bag and everything is there.
  5. Hair stuff – unbelievable I have this many products and styling tools and my hair is in a ponytail everyday! 😁
  6. Supplies – toothpaste, soap etc. Another one where I was like OMG how many tubes of toothpaste do we already have (and Rob said we needed more last time I shopped!)
  7. Miscellaneous. There has to be a miscellaneous box. These are just the random bits and bobs that can hang out and be random together – suede waterproofer, leather conditioner, vanity bags etc. I can see this is the box I am going to have to stay on top of as I can just see everything becoming a ‘miscellaneous item’ and being shoved in there. I’m talking to you Robert!!! 😘

And HERE is the finished product! I honestly am SO happy this is finally done. It might sound dramatic but I think it has improved my quality of life. 😂 Okay, that is a bit dramatic… But it does make the morning routine a lot easier and less stressful.

The good thing about having everything in baskets is that you’re less likely to get everything muddled up, AND if you do need to do anything under the sink – fix the tap maybe – all you need to do is pull out seven baskets – rather than 4000 individual products!


Anyway, I hope you don’t mind me sharing my bathroom organisation – I did wonder if this was perhaps a little bit random!?? 😂 But if nothing else, you may be inspired to get your hands on some of these awesome baskets, and if that is the case, this has all been worth it!

Have a great day guys!



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