The (lunchbox) struggle is real…

I am seven weeks into my life as a school mum and I am already fresh out of lunchbox ideas.

Seriously. And I have a food blog!

I caught up with some mum friends this morning and both asked me to please include lunch box ideas on the blog. And after staring blankly at them for a moment or two, I decided to take their requests on board.

Our school, as is the case everywhere I hear, is very strict when it comes to ensuring lunch boxes are healthy. And while that is of course super important for the health of our little ones, it can be a little bit scary putting anything into lunch boxes that isn’t blatantly ‘health food’ (Hello wholemeal sandwiches and chopped fruit for the rest of your life, girls!!) This is just crazy to me, as so many of us mums put the effort into making really healthy slices, wholemeal muffins, bliss balls etc – which might look like ‘treat food’ at first glance – but we know are packed full of wholesome ingredients.

So anyway, tonight – staring down the barrel of another ‘week ahead’ – I thought it was time to create my own subcategory of healthy lunch box ideas. At this stage I have simply collated the lunchbox friendly recipes I have already written up for my blog – together with a couple of new ones – and added the lunchbox category to them so they are all in one happy place, chilling out together. BUT, bear with me as I am going to be adding new recipes as I make them for my girls.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and that they provide a little bit of inspiration for what is a very monotonous daily task!! (Seven weeks in I feel qualified to make that call 😄).

As always, I would love to hear how you go making these recipes and especially how your little ones enjoy them!



3 thoughts on “The (lunchbox) struggle is real…

  1. Lisa's Everyday Life says:

    I am sure they will enjoy them – After years of that battle we now do virtual schooling-so No more packing lunch. I also packed lunch because of food allergies(dairy and eggs) something you may consider in future post.


    • thecoldcoffeeclub says:

      Hi Lisa! Yes food allergies make the whole lunch packing task that more challenging! Our school is nut free so no-one can bring anything with nuts in it, but for parents with little ones who have dairy, or egg, or gluten allergies etc it must be so much harder to find something suitable to pack! Thanks for your message I will absolutely be including some allergy aware recipes here! Tam x


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