Raw brownie bliss balls

So I have been a bit quiet on the recipe front for the last couple of weeks as I am settling back into my life as a working mum!!

In addition to being busy trying to establish a balance between work and home life, I have also been very focused on maintaining healthy eating and lifestyle. For me, it is not really about losing weight – though a couple of kilos wouldn’t be a bad thing (!!) – the motivation for exercising and eating healthy is about feeling better within myself and having the energy to chase after my girls, concentrate at work and get through all the things I need to do at home. For the longest time I feel like I have been living in a ‘fog’ and only lately am I noticing the difference a few lifestyle changes can bring.

Easter is definitely a tricky time to keep healthy and although I am not traditionally a ‘sweet tooth’ – chocolate, and in particular Easter chocolate – is definitely one vice I find it hard to resist.

A couple of weeks ago I made these brownie bliss balls which I found were great to satisfy my chocolate cravings, and I am whipping myself up another batch this weekend to distract me from all the Easter eggs! I found the recipe on the Wallflower Kitchen and I loved it because it was so quick to make (like, less than 10 minutes) and unlike many bliss ball recipes I have come across, this one has no nuts! So safe for my little one, should she fancy a nibble and also great for lunch boxes as well.

There is no baking involved in this recipe – literally just whiz in the thermomix or food processor, form into balls and you’re done! AND when you know you would be paying around $3-$4 for one of these babies in a cafe – it is really a no brainer to whip some up at home.

As I have not adapted this recipe at all from it’s original form, instead of writing it out on my own page I have instead provided the link to the Wallflower Kitchen’s original post. Just click here! And while you are over at the Wallflower Kitchen be sure to check out the rest of Aimee’s delicious, vegan recipes. Enjoy! 💜



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