Chicken and rice bowls

I made these chicken and rice bowls on Saturday evening after a crazy busy week that had it all, including a lot of overindulging. I just wanted something quick and easy to make with lots of veggies to top up what I knew had been lacking a bit during the week! It was actually a … Continue reading Chicken and rice bowls


Roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta gnocchi

How amazingly delicious is Italian food?! My girls love a delicious pasta or bolognese and I find that gnocchi is a great alternative to pasta that always goes down a treat. I lack the time, inclination, and to be honest - skill - to make home made gnocchi so I buy the pre-made version from … Continue reading Roasted pumpkin, spinach and feta gnocchi

Garlic Naan

There is no better accompaniment to a gorgeous Indian curry than a couple of pieces of ┬ánaan bread. You can buy naan bread off the shelf from the supermarket but I have always thought it tasted terrible, so never used to bother! I decided to give making my own a try this week and it … Continue reading Garlic Naan