S-S-S Festive Nuts

So I have sat for a while trying to think of what I should call these festive nuts, and everything I came up with sounded overly suggestive (!!) So I came up with 'S-S-S Festive Nuts' in the hope that people will be too distracted trying to work out what 'S-S-S' stands for, to have the time … Continue reading S-S-S Festive Nuts


Santa’s Favourite Christmas Cookies – In a Jar

My favourite gift to give (and receive!) at Christmas time is definitely one I can eat! Whether it be delicious truffles, bite size pieces of rich fudge, cookies or something savoury like spiced nuts or home made chutney, giving something home made (and edible) gives a personal touch to Christmas gift giving. I recently shared a recipe for … Continue reading Santa’s Favourite Christmas Cookies – In a Jar