Bite size falafels

I am always very keen for my girls to try different tastes, textures and flavours. While Evelyn has never been one to eat a lot, she has never been fussy with trying new foods. She will give anything a go, but generally just a nibble or two before she realises she is too busy to … Continue reading Bite size falafels


Milo balls

These milo balls are so quick and easy to make and are a real favourite in our house! There are so many different recipes for milo balls around, but the one I like the most is one I found from Peta, from The Road to Loving my Thermomix. In addition to being able to make … Continue reading Milo balls

Jam Drops

I have been buying jam drops from the bakery department of my local supermarket for years. It wasn't until recently that I actually looked at the ingredients on the packaging that I was so shocked by all the numbers, artificial colours, preservatives and random agents I couldn't pronounce! I couldn't understand why they were packed … Continue reading Jam Drops